Our cattle are given absolutely no antibiotics or hormones of any kind. Furthermore, we try and keep them on non-spray pasture, that being pasture on which no herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or other synthetic materials have been applied.

We strive to keep our animals feeding on pasture alone for as much of the year as possible and practice regenerative agriculture, building soil health and animal health. With regenerative agriculture we do rotational and mob grazing to make sure our cows have a sufficient amount of grass and our grass keeps lush and growing. During the winter months, our cows are fed quality hay and we let them continue to graze turnip greens as they are a hardy winter crop and excellent protein source for our cows.

The cattle also must be given sufficient access to fresh air, shade, shelter, and water sources. None of these items are ever an issue on our farm.

Overall, we farm in a way that is sustainable and beneficial to the land as well as the animals. Sustainability and responsible farming practices are especially important with our location being near the headwaters of the Samish River, which is prime salmon habitat.